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Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Hey its me, your friend, Tony

I know right who would have thought at 48 years of age I would be:

1) Alive

2) Living in Australia

3) Still making music

Big news this month, I will be releasing two Vinyl Albums one is a Limited Edition EP with 3 Original Songs and 1 Cover. The originals look at 20 years of song writing as I revisit previously unreleased material from Kilt and more recent songs. I have worked with 3 different producers in creating this very special album. One of the Producers is Michael S Ryan from The Town Heroes. The Town Heroes are kind of how I got back into this industry. Always encouraging both Michael and Bruce have been kind and generous with their time and energy as I started to rebuild my life and music career. The cover on this album is from Michael Ryan and is called Down In Boston. I think he shared this song with me to help me with my guitar playing and learning how to follow a strumming pattern. This track will feature the drumming of Bruce Gillis, a legend of a friend from Mabou. Long time friend Jason Cater will be playing bass on Down in Boston and very much looking forward to sharing this special cover with you all.

Tsunami is an original and Michael is going to be mixing and mastering this song, I created most of this track with Ableton Live and will feature a more progressive sound. Justin Stewart (Original Kilt Member) will be adding his vocals and electric guitar and very happy to get to work with Justin as he got me started in music many moons ago.

Then we switch gears and move to the more recent history for my music career. As Kilt was falling apart, or my early struggles with addiction were beginning I asked Dave Gunning (yes that Dave Gunning) to come and join Kilt. Dave said it wasn’t really his cup of tea but thought he could help out for a couple shows. What a couple of shows they were. We performed in Ontario and Quebec and even had a chance to play with Fleur Mainville, Anna Ludlow, Mike Hiltz, and Randy MacDonald. It was a great lineup and Dave and I stayed in contact for many years to come. I reached out to Dave and asked if he would produce a new song called Big City Lies. I was very happy that he had the time to say yes and Big City Lies revisits growing up and leaving small town Cape Breton.

Then we begin to look into the future sound, ‘Go’ the song that has been on the AMRAP Metro Charts in Australia for 3 weeks, CIOE East Coast Top 30 for 4 week’s (Currently #9) and now in the Top 10 on the East Coast Countdown with Cameron MacEachern. Producer Eric Eggleston and I cowrote this song during a song writing session in Calgary just before my move to Australia. The song covers the conversation Gemma and I had while dating and she asked what would happen if she wanted to return to Australia. I don’t want to give away the ending of the story so you will have to stay tuned;)

SO speaking of ‘Go’ how can you help

1) Vote once a week at

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4) Spotify Bonus points to add my songs into a playlist. ***Remember you can always throw a playlist of your favorite songs on repeat and mute that while you sleep.*** More plays helps build an artists profile for booking showsJ

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In short everything helps and nothing helps more than you continued support. These are all examples that don’t cost more than your most valuable resource, your time. It means the world that you share your time with me and I am grateful to have you in my circle. Thanks for all you do. Hope you are doing well and looking forward to connecting with you again soon.

Take Care


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