• Tony Ronalds

Moving the Needle

"Moving the needle" has been the motto for the past 6 months. I wake up and focus on doing at least one thing that moves things in a positive direction. To say things have changed for me personally in the past couple of months is an understatement. I have immigrated to a new county, arrived during the worst fires in Australia's recent history. Our first apartment then flooded (we lived on the third floor) as the roof let go during some of the worst rain I have seen in my life. We moved, for a second time within the first 3 months, and were fairly settled when news of a virus started to take over everyone's newsfeeds, and life as we knew it dramatically changed. As a musician, the timing of losing the ability to perform could be looked at as devastating. It is.

I had my first shows in Australia in the last two weeks before the shutdown. At the final live performance I was offered a regular monthly gig and that Hotel here in Sydney. Things were looking up until all venues were shut down within 48 hours of that amazing offer.

Ok so where does this story go how does any of this "Move the needle". Before Covid-19 I was working on a way to stream in December. I did my research, created a test environment and I have been able to get the parts I would need to do a professional sounding performance out of my home studio. I then set to learn more about production, songwriting, and performing online. I took music theory and practice things that are basic but instrumental in my development as an artist and I do this on a daily basis. The definition of Moving the needle is (idiomatic) "To change a situation to a noticeable degree". I feel my efforts have and will hopefully continue to change my situation to a noticeable degree. Although I am unable to perform in a live setting I will continue to work on my first solo album. I am collaborating with some amazing friends in the music industry. I am writing the best material of my life. I am able to share that directly with music lovers during a time that music could not be more important. Yes the industry is devastated, however, I refuse to give up on this dream and I hope that many others will continue to look for ways to move that needle forward. It isn't easy, I believe that musicians are some of the most resilient personalities in the world and I see the examples all around me of those who refuse to stop. Embracing the setback, embracing the change or shift so to speak. I will be one of those who seek to get better both personally and professionally. My upcoming solo project will be very different and one that I am very excited about. I will be working with some long time friends and reconnecting with some songs that have been long forgotten, the new material that I am creating every day, and yes "Moving the Needle" as best I can. I hope you are too!!

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