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Something Old / Something New

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

When releasing new music, a lot goes into making a song appear out of the ether—first step writing and rewriting and rewriting. Then performing the song in a live environment, or online in recent times. You are sharing the work with your peers, allowing for critiques. You then rewrite a couple more times before the recording process begins. Now you are off to the races right, wrong. Recording can take a very long time in itself. You are usually working with a producer, and the song will move in a new direction. The producer will add their flair to your music, and this involves a little give and take. You "give" your best performance. The producer "takes" his time to ensure the final product reflects the collaborative efforts of all the contributing artists on a given track or album.

Once the song is Mixed and Mastered, it can now begin the long and involved road to the listener. You get to join a songwriting society/association so you can register your creative works. These societies are integral as registering the song allows you to set out who owns what parts or percentages of the songs. The songwriting society provides identification codes (ISWC/ISRC), and tracking of the work can is possible. As a songwriter, you can get paid royalties for the enjoyment of your song by others, if registering the song is done correctly. Currently, I am creating new Artist profiles on Spotify and iTunes and other streaming services. These profiles allow me to upload and release music through my distribution channels and hopefully develop a new fanbase. Simultaneously I am working to create promotional material as professionally as I can. Content I am working on includes a music video, lyric video, a Documentary (the backstory if you will), photos, banners, updates for social media.

Now comes the fun part, learning how to create more professional content, attempting to start a Youtube channel, continuing with Live Streaming, songwriting, and the actual fun parts of being a performer in the new age. I feel like we all have parts of what we love to do that are thankless and important. I am grateful that I am doing what I love and learning more about doing it in a new way. I do see a lot of performers and artists that are complaining about how little we get paid from streaming services. I choose to work with the streaming services material to make the best of the upcoming releases. It will be interesting to see what happens and, I will have more updates as the week's pass.

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