Tony Ronalds - Tsunami

Tony Ronalds - Tsunami

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Coming in January. Tsunami is a collection of material spanning 25 years of songwriting.  This will be available for prepurchase.  8 Tracks on Vinyl and Delivered directly to your home.  One Lucky individual who prepurchases by Oct 15th will recieve a Bonus Livestream Private Performance. (Congrats to Emily MacDonald)

  • Tsunami - Full Album

    25 Years in the making.  My most personal work to date.  Songs that were previously never recorded, along with several songs written specifically for this album.  8 songs in total and I thank you for your continued support.


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    I know its a cutthroat world.


    Once we get them we ship it out to the address you provide us.  If you change your address please let us know so the people who move into your house or apartment don't get the album.  You won't be happy having to buy it all over again.  Seriously its a cutthroat world!